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MRSA Covers

MRSA Covers delivers copper shielding for protection against this bacteria

Proven concepts

Copper Protects! as proven by different sources

All shapes and sizes

MRSA Covers deliveres protection in the size and shape u need!

Your source for protection against MRSA

Holland Shielding has been a specialist in protecting against multiple sources of interference. Now we are using this expertise to battle the spread of MRSA. Recent articles prove that copper kills the bacteria on its surface. This means that when a surface is made out of copper there will be a reduced amount of bacteria on that item. This goes for all of the bacteria including the bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics (MRSA).

On this website u will find different products with a copper surface. These are avalible for purchase. Also we can make almost all shapes and sizes.
So if you need a safe, perfectly fitting surface you can contact us Right here